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My Gingerbread Box

My Gingerbread Box

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More than 400,000 different species of flowers exist in the world, but when it comes to a favorite, one in particular stands out: the red premium rose. With over 150 different species and 3,000 members of the rose family in existence — the majority of them some shade of red — this flower is as culturally significant as it is ubiquitous in our lives. Nearly everyone has some type of treasured memory involving a red rose, whether it’s buying them for a first love, Anniversary, Christmas gifting them to a friend or family member, or treating yourself to one to mark a special day.

  • 1 Jinge bread
  • 1 Candy cane
  • 3 pines cones
  • 24 red roses
  • 5 stems eucalyptus
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