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Pink Deluxe

Pink Deluxe

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Similar to red flowers, pink flowers have also grown to be a symbol of love, though they can also mean happiness, gentleness, and femininity.

When it comes to the best occasions to give pink flowers, you have a range of options to choose from. White red roses and other flowers send a clear message of romantic love, pink flower meaning is more nuanced. Yes, they can imply romantic love. However, they’re also appropriate to convey platonic affection. For example,  you can give them to female relatives, young girls, co-workers, and, of course, your family and friends. 


  • 4 pink pandora
  • 4 red explorer
  • 4 pink lilies
  • 5 light pink astromeria
  • 3 hot pink astromeria
  • 2 stems purple wax


  • 6 pink lilies
  • 7 purple wax stems
  • 7 hot pink roses (pandora)
  • 7 red roses (explorer)
  • 4 hot pink alstroemerias
  • 4 light pink alstroemerias
  • 5 stems lemon leaf
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